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 Master Project

11. Sep. 2017

Microcontroller Programming for Lora Wireless Sensors

Lora is a new standard for wireless sensor networks for long range and low power operation at low data rates. It operates typically at 866 MHz. Such frequencies are beneficial for applications in food monitoring because higher frequencies have large signal attenuation.
Major task is to link different sensors to a commercial Lora Radio module via a STM micro controller:
- Standard temperature and humidity sensor, eg. SHT75
- One of our sensors (air flow sensor with serial interface)
Lora transmits all measurements to an internet data base. A basic program to retrieve measurements from the data base is available, but has to be extended / adapted to display the actual used type of sensors.
Furthermore the communication range and stability should be tested (including different Lora boards and gateways). As well as for different radio setups (data rate ….)
Good experience in microcontroller programming, proven by previous projects.
Ability to finish a task in given time. All practical work and programming should be finished within 10 weeks plus 3 weeks for documentation. Final deadline end of January 2018.
STM Nucleo Microcontroller Demo Board STM32L031:
Radio Module:
Dr.-Ing. Reiner Jedermann, Research Associate Institute for Microsensors, -actors and –systems (IMSAS) University of Bremen, FB1 Phone: +49 (0)421 218 - 62 603